About Germain Legal

Founded by Attorney Mark Germain, Germain Legal is a law firm focused on criminal defense and personal injury cases across the Brevard County area. Since inception Germain Legal has proudly served residents of the greater Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Palm Bay and other communities. Having quickly developed a reputation for our client-centric approach, creative defense strategies and aggressive representation, Germain Legal has earned acclaim and high praise from clients and colleagues alike.

Criminal Defense – upholding the rights of the innocent

The criminal justice system isn’t without its flaws. Sometimes simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can put you in the crosshairs of law enforcement and overzealous prosecutors. We make sure you don’t become another statistic on court records. To us, every client is innocent until proven otherwise, and we fight vigorously and tirelessly to ensure your rights and freedoms are kept intact.

Personal Injury – something VERY personal to Mark Germain

Founder and head attorney Mark Germain was himself the victim of a reckless driver. This experience gave him a new perspective on what his clients go through in the aftermath of a personal injury. Inspired to turn an unfortunate experience into an opportunity to better serve his clients, Mr. Germain opened up his practice for personal injury cases, fighting against “big insurance” and making sure the “little guy” has the support and help they need to obtain an optimal outcome and the compensation they deserve.

About Mark Germain

  • Practiced law in the private sector for over 15 years
  • Former founding partner of Germain and Coulter and Germain and McCarthy Law firms
  • Former prosecutor in Manatee County
  • Participated in several advanced programs on the defense and prosecution of DUI charges
  • Worked in the public defender’s office in Brevard County
  • Went through advanced programs aimed at learning how to prosecute domestic violence cases
  • Member of the National Organization of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Lifetime member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Former President of the local Brevard County Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Licensed to practice law in the courts of the state of Florida and the Middle District Courts of the United States

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Professionalism, Responsiveness

This dude is on point. He is quiet but its because he is busy getting stuff done!!! He got me out on my fta and got my charges dropped. Someone referred me and I’m glad I listened.
Mark P.


Mark Germain helped me get out of ALOT of potential trouble that I got into as a teen. Its amazing how much a big mistake as a minor could impact you as an adult. He listened to my concerns and he negotiated in an extremely detailed manner with prosecution. He is an amazing attorney and to this day I tell people to keep his number in their wallet- because someday they might need it. I see so many mugshots of young kids in their teens and twenties in Brevard county – young people make mistakes and this is the guy you want representing them if mistakes were made! I wish I could thank him better than I had the opportunity to.

My Son

My son was arrested and facing serious charges and many years in prison. I hired Mark Germain to represent him. He also helped my son when he was a Public Defender. My son and I both thought his case was not going well, but Mark kept telling us to have faith and just let him do his job. He did just that – he turned a 15-30 year sentence to only 5. His experience, confidence and vast knowledge of criminal law restored my faith in our judicial system. If you need a criminal defense attorney – put your faith in Mark….you will not regret your choice.

G. Smith

Attorney Mark Germain represented me in court and did an outstanding job. He won the case. If you are in need of a Lawyer I would not hesitate to hire hime.