Best Defenses for Drug Trafficking Charges

Best Defenses for Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking is a serious charge, with Florida state and federal prosecutors taking an aggressive stance against alleged criminals in an effort to combat the drug epidemic sweeping the country. Trafficking charges can result in imprisonment, expensive fines, and a blemish on your personal and professional life.

In order to prove guilt, a trafficking charge must prove that you:

  • Knowingly possessed the controlled substance; and
  • That you were involved in the import, transport, delivery, or sale of the controlled substance

Attacking Weak Evidence

Here we are looking to demonstrate that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that you are guilty.

Violation of Rights

Overeager law enforcement and overzealous prosecutors are known for stepping out of line from time to time. In some cases, this results in a violation of your rights.

Illegal Search and Seizure

In some circumstances, evidence obtained was done so in a way that was illegal.

No Probable Cause for Arrest

The arresting officer did not have probably cause to place you under arrest.

No Knowledge of the Drugs

Establishing a case based around the fact that you had no knowledge of the drugs and therefore did not knowingly possess them.

No Clear Proof of Intent

Proving that there is no evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was intent to distribute.


You were entrapped by law enforcement who overstepped the bounds of their authority and duty in an illegal manner in order to entrap you.

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