Can you get your license reinstated for work purposes?

Can you get your license reinstated for work purposes?

Florida is one of several states that offers the possibility for those with a suspended license to obtain a hardship license.

What is a Florida Hardship License?

Granted to those with suspended licenses, a hardship license provides limited driving privileges based on necessity (such as the ability to drive to work or school).

Florida Hardship License Requirements

Register for a 12-hour mandatory course called the Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course. Pass this course and receive a certificate.
  2. Fill out an application to request a ‘hardship hearing’
  3. Bring the application for a hardship hearing and the certificate to a local Administrative Reviews Office
  4. Pay associated fees ($45 for suspensions, $75 for revocations, $63 for ADI course, hearing filing fee of $12, and administrative fees often totaling around $130).
  5. If eligible and approved by a hearing officer, receive your hardship license.

If approved, this license will be granted with several restrictions and limitations.

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