Florida Domestic Violence

Have you or a loved one been accused of domestic violence in the Brevard County, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Titusville, Rockledge or Cape Canaveral area?

Domestic violence is a serious crime, carrying with it the possibility for steep penalties ranging from fines and fees to prison time. With your life, freedom and rights on the line, you need a Florida Domestic Violence attorney ready to go to bat for you.

Fact is, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, misunderstandings, false witness testimony and ore can all lead to unfounded charges. Each year more thousands of individuals across the state of Florida are arrested for crimes they didn’t commit.

Don’t become another statistic. Reach out to Germain Legal today and let us do what we do best: fight tirelessly for our clients.

Aggressive Defense for Domestic Violence Cases

Cities and Areas Served: Brevard County, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Titusville, Rockledge or Cape Canaveral area.

Federal, state and local prosecutors are formidable opponents, often operating from a position of strength, having already built a case before you even know what hit you. Not to mention the considerable access to resources they are willing to throw at you just to get a ‘win’.

Domestic violence charges and cases can be complex and emotionally charged, requiring the experience of a defense team with an intimate understanding of state and federal laws, as well as local customs and court processes.

This is why you need an aggressive defense that immediately goes on the offensive, working to deconstruct the prosecution’s case and evidence.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Most Florida residents have a very narrow definition of ‘domestic violence’, imagining a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend abusing their partner. Under Florida laws, this definition widens to encompass a broader view.

Family members, domestic partners, spouses and other members of the household can all be subject to, or charged with, domestic violence. Complex relationships often lead to tension, misunderstandings, fits of rage, outbursts or lashing out. Those who find themselves in these emotionally heated moments may be charged with domestic violence.

In the strictest sense, Florida law classifies this crime as any type of violent action made at or towards a member of the household, including family and non-family members alike.

Domestic Violence is more a category of criminal offenses than it is any one particular crime.

Criminal acts that fall under this category include:

  • Sexual battery
  • Rape and other sex offenses
  • Domestic assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic battery
  • Aggravated battery
  • Harassment
  • Stalking and aggravated stalking
  • Restraining order violations; and
  • Any criminal act carried out by a household member, that results in the injury or death of another member of the alleged perpetrator’s household, regardless of whether or not that individual is a family member.

If you find yourself or a loved one charged with domestic violence in or around the greater Brevard County, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Titusville, Rockledge or Cape Canaveral area, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to clear your good name.

Don’t fall victim to the court system and overzealous prosecutors eager to make you out to be a criminal. Hire a firm with a track record of always doing right by it’s clients and that will fight relentlessly in the pursuit of your innocence.

What Are The Penalties for Domestic Violence in Florida?

A domestic violence conviction can have a serious and lasting impact on your life, with the damage caused spanning a lifetime.

If you’re facing a potential charge or conviction, it’s important that you understand what’s at stake. Because a domestic violence conviction is not eligible for expungement or sealing of the record, these charges can show up on background checks for employment, credit applications (mortgage, loans, credit cards, etc.), college admissions and more. It can also be used as evidence to restrict visitation rights or take away custody of your child.

Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction May Include:

  • Mandatory completion of a 26-week battery intervention program (BIP)
  • 5 days of mandatory jail time (if the victim is injured)
  • Non-eligible for sealing your record or having it expunged
  • Loss of your civil right to own or be in possession of a firearm
  • 12-months of supervised probation
  • No contact order with the victim
  • And more…

Domestic violence can be charged as either a misdemeanor (lesser penalties) or as a felony (steeper penalties).

Defenses to Domestic Violence

These charges should not be taken lightly. Our firm has seen more than one individual’s future ruined over unscrupulous charges and subsequent convictions.

From a simple misinterpretation of a situation by the police, to a misunderstanding, anyone can find themselves on the ‘wrong side of the law’ in the court’s eyes.

It’s up to us to put together an aggressive defense strategy that positions your case for success. Our team has extensive experience in this arena and will work tirelessly to provide you with the defense you deserve.

Potential Avenues for Defense Strategies Include but are Not Limited to:

  • Discrediting witnesses or statements
  • Private investigations that discover new evidence in your favor
  • Self-defense
  • Stand your ground doctrine
  • Mutual combat
  • Attacking the prosecution’s evidence
  • Police misconduct or failure to follow procedure
  • Violation of your rights
  • And more…

But time is NOT on your side. The prosecution has spent days, weeks or even months preparing a case against you. Don’t let them blindside you with what they spin as a ‘open and shut case’ or take a plea bargain without talking to a defense attorney.

Prosecutors and law enforcement is well known for puffing their chest and making it seem like you have no hope of fighting the charge.

We’re here to tell you that isn’t the case, and our extensive track record of obtaining positive results for clients is demonstrative of that fact.

The Help You Need. The Defense You Deserve.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being charged with a domestic violence crime in or around the greater Brevard County, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Titusville, Rockledge or Cape Canaveral area, call or message our firm today for a no-cost initial consultation.