How best do defend against child pornography charges?

How best do defend against child pornography charges?

The state of Florida takes charges regarding child pornography seriously (as it should). However, the law doesn’t always get things right, and each year thousands of innocent individuals are sent to prison over crimes they didn’t commit.

If you find yourself charged or arrested for child pornography, you have options. The best way to defend against such charges is putting a competent and experienced law firm on retainer.

At Germain Legal, we have extensive experience navigating complex Florida laws, and utilizing innovative and creative defense strategies that ensure our clients get the high-quality representation and defense they deserve.

Once a client, our team will work tirelessly to put an aggressive defense together, using a wide range of legal tactics to champion your innocence and clear your good name.

Defense Strategies May Incorporate (but are not limited to):

  • Finding new witnesses
  • Discrediting witness testimony
  • Discovering new evidence in favor of the defense
  • Establishing a favorable timeline
  • Poking holes in the prosecution’s approach
  • And more…

The best defense is a proactive one, beginning with you taking charge of your case and working with a competent criminal defense attorney dedicated to clearing your name.

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