How to Get your Marijuana Charges Reduced Or Dropped

How to Get your Marijuana Charges Reduced Or Dropped

Although many states have made moves to decriminalize and even legalize marijuana, that doesn’t mean citizens are in the clear. If you find yourself facing marijuana-related charges, your first question might be ‘how can I get the charges reduced or dropped?”

You’re not alone. In fact, at Germain Legal, our criminal defense approach involves immediately going on the offensive, looking for legal remedies and strategies we can use to prevent charges from being filed, getting filed charges reduced, or having them dropped altogether.

There are several strategies that we may pursue to help clients get marijuana charges reduced or dropped including but not limited to the following (when appropriate):

  • Motions to suppress evidence illegally obtained (without probable cause, for example)
  • Invalidating or discrediting the testimony of witnesses
  • Demonstrating a failure in the chain of custody of evidence
  • Presenting evidence in contradiction to that of the prosecution
  • Challenging the credibility of evidence
  • Asserting improper use of force, failure to follow procedure, or that a client’s constitutional rights were violated
  • And more…

If you have been charged with a marijuana crime, don’t hesitate, reach out to our team today and connect with a criminal defense firm ready to go to bat for you.

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