Most Common Types of Probation Violations

Most Common Types of Probation Violations

Probation is often a component of a sentence, initiated after jail time, or given to offenders as an alternative to jail time. Probation enables a convicted offender to live out their life relatively normally, but does impose certain restrictions on the types of activities the offender can take part in.

Below we cover a few of the most common probation violations we see and represent in court.

Common Probation Violations Include:

Missed Appointments or Court Hearings – Those on probation are required to meet regularly with their probation officer, and may be required to attend infrequent court hearings where progress is reviewed by the court.

Failure to Obtain Meaningful Employment or Enroll in School – As a part of probation, it is not uncommon for the court to require an offender to obtain meaningful employment or to enroll in educational classes within a prescribed timeframe.

Socializing with People Who Are Off-limits – As part of probation, courts often require that the offender stay away from certain people, such as known criminals, addicts, or associates.

Visiting Places that Are Off-limits – Probation often places limitations on the places an offender can visit, such as bars, parties, houses of associates, and so on.

Drug and Alcohol Use – Depending on the offense, the court may impose restrictions on the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as frequent drug and alcohol testing to ensure compliance.

Even small violations can result in serious penalties including jail time.

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