The Biggest Criminal Defense Myths

The Biggest Criminal Defense Myths

1. The Government Always Wins: Although the government certainly has a high batting average, how a ‘win’ is defined also matters. In many cases where an outright ‘not guilty’ verdict or dismissal can be obtained, other successful outcomes may include plea bargains with no jail time, deferred judgements and more.

2. The Most Expensive Lawyer is Best: Law is a complex field of practice, requiring specialized knowledge and countless hours of work building defense cases. Going with the ‘cheapest’ lawyer might not be a great idea (less resources devoted to your case), but that doesn’t mean you need to hire the most expensive one either.

3. You Committed the Crime and Your Defense Doesn’t Matter: Even if you were caught ‘dead to rights’ in the act, there are always avenues of defense to explore. Even if you can’t achieve a ‘not guilty’ verdict, a good criminal defense lawyer familiar with Brevard County court systems, judges and district attorneys can often negotiate a favorable deal.

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