The Florida sex offender classification in Florida explained

The Florida sex offender classification in Florida explained

Under Florida law, those convicted of sex crimes are classified as sex offenders. Within that designation, there are several unique classifications ranging from 1-3, with each level delineated by the severity of the crime.

Level I Sex Offender

The least serious of sex crimes, such a designation is often given to those offenders whom the court deems is unlikely to be a repeat offender. Penalties typically only require reporting to the local sheriff’s department twice yearly, and have a better chance of eventually being removed from the registry. Examples may include streaking across a baseball field or peeing in public.

Level II Sex Offender

These individuals are perceived to have a higher chance of repeat offenses, factoring in criminal history and the severity of the crime. Despite serious penalties involved, individuals may be removed from the registry after a period of time. Offenders must check in to the local sheriff’s department four times yearly, and face other restrictions.

Level III Sex Offender

The most serious sex offender levels, those classified as Level III are considered ‘sexual predators’ with a high likelihood of repeat offenses, and who have at least one felony charge of first-degree sexual misconduct, OR, two felony charges of second-degree sexual misconduct. These individuals can never be removed from the registry, and report to the sheriff’s department four times yearly. They also face serious penalties and restrictions on where they can work, live, and visit.

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