What are Your Rights if You Are Pulled Over By the Police?

What are Your Rights if You Are Pulled Over By the Police?

Over 32 million traffic stops take place across the US each year. At some point in your life, chances are you may be pulled over as well. When this happens, it is important to understand your rights.

Law Enforcement Must Have Reasonable Suspicion or Cause to Pull You Over

It is unlawful for a police officer to pull you over without having a reasonable suspicion that you were in the process of committing or have committed a crime. Doing so without reasonable suspicion is a violation of your constitutional rights.

You are Under no Obligation to Provide Information

Save for your license, registration and proof of insurance, you are under no legal obligation to provide more than that. For example, if an officer asks where you are headed to or if you were drinking, you are not required by law to answer. In fact, doing so may not be in your best interest.

You Do Not Have to Consent to a Vehicle Search without a Warrant

Often, a police officer will ask if they can search your vehicle. You have a legal right to refuse. Although there are exceptions, usually a warrant is required to search your vehicle. One such exception is if they see something illegal in ‘plain view’.

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