What to do if You Have Been Arrested for Concealed Firearm Possession?

What to do if You Have Been Arrested for Concealed Firearm Possession?

Just because you were charged with ‘concealed firearm possession’ doesn’t mean its an open and shut case. The prosecutor must prove the ‘concealed’ part of that alleged crime. For example, is the weapon only ‘concealed’ from certain angles?

Remember, the right to bear arms is a federally protected right, established in the constitution. However, there are laws that do criminalize carrying a concealed weapon.

In Florida, anyone without a concealed firearm permit may face up to 5 years in prison, up to 5 years probation, and/or up to $5000 in fines if convicted.

Here is What to Do If Arrested

Keep your Mouth Shut: Police officers are not your friend. They may try to get your guard down in order to get you talking. Don’t fall for this common ploy.

Ask for An Attorney: It is your right to defer questioning until you have legal counsel present. Calmly and respectfully state that you are happy to answer questions as soon as your lawyer is present.

Maintain Your Cool: Arguments over firearm rights can get heated. Now is not the time to state your case or to defend your rights. Let your attorneys do that in court. Stay calm, use a respectful tone, do not raise your voice, and above all, do not resist arrest.

Call Our Law Firm: Concealed carry charges are serious, and you need a serious criminal defense team in your corner.

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