What to do if you have been arrested for video voyeurism in Florida?

What to do if you have been arrested for video voyeurism in Florida?

Florida takes allegations of video voyeurism seriously, conducting aggressive and thorough investigations. Sometimes, these overly aggressive investigations can result in innocent suspects being arrested.

Don’t Speak to the Authorities

You have a constitutional right to remain silent. Ask to speak to an attorney and to have one present before questioning. Do not offer up any information no matter how innocent.

Understand Your Charges

Video voyeurism charges are levied on those who are alleged to have videoed someone undressing, dressing, or exposing their body at a time and place where there was a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Video Voyeurism Crimes in Florida

  • Video Voyeurism: Under Florida Statute Sec. 810.145. This charge is levied when a person films another for the purposes of “entertainment, amusement, gratification, sexual arousal, profit, or for the purpose of abusing or degrading another’.
  • Video Voyeurism Dissemination: Allegations regarding the transfer, dissemination, transfer, or distribution of images or video taken of someone without their consent.
  • Commercial Video Voyeurism Dissemination: Same as video voyeurism dissemination but with the intent to sell and profit from such dissemination.

Work with Your Defense Attorney

Work candidly with your defense attorney to uncover evidence and opportunities to support your defense.

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