What to do if you’ve been arrested for drug distribution in Brevard?

What to do if you’ve been arrested for drug distribution in Brevard?

Drug distribution is a serious charge with the potential for high fines and prison time if convicted. If you’ve been arrested for drug distribution in Brevard, the fight for your rights, freedom and innocence begins now.

If you’ve been arrested, here is what to do:

1. Be Respectful and Don’t Resist

Emotions can run high during an arrest, especially if you know you’re innocent and feel like you’ve been unfairly targeted. Despite this, you must remain calm, cool and collected. Don’t ‘mouth off’, call the officers names, or physically resist. Let them do their jobs.

2. Stop Talking

The police are not your friend. They are even allowed to misinform to a degree and tell you things like “you’re not the person we really want”, etc. Part of their training is on how to psychologically get you to drop your defenses and open up (even accidentally) with information that can be used against you. And any information you divulge WILL be used against you.

3. Ask for a Lawyer

Respectfully but clearly declare that you wish to cooperate as soon as your attorney is present and that at this time you cannot answer any questions without your lawyer present.

4. Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Our firm has extensive experience defending clients against a range of drug charges, from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. Don’t risk your life and freedom on just any law firm. Hire a team with a proven track record that is ready to aggressively go to bat on your behalf.

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