What to know about criminal solicitation charges in Florida

What to know about criminal solicitation charges in Florida

The state of Florida classifies solicitation as a misdemeanor for first-time offenders. While solicitation is most often associated with prostitution, the legal definition is broader, encompassing a range of situations where one individual or party strongly encourages another individual or party to engage in a criminal act.

Criminal solicitation in Brevard County is most commonly charged for those individuals soliciting acts surrounding drugs and prostitution, however, this charge may also apply to situations such as a public official soliciting a bribe.

You may be charged and/or convicted of solicitation if you are found to have intentionally, advised, enticed, incited, ordered, or otherwise strongly encouraged another person to commit a crime in Cocoa Beach or other cities throughout Florida.

Of importance is that the crime itself needs NOT be committed in order for a crime of solicitation to have occurred. Also of importance is that the act of solicitation itself is NOT a crime. For example, an individual may solicit investment in a business idea, well within the bounds of the law.

Those convicted of criminal solicitation face a wide range of penalties including the potential for expensive fines, lengthy probation, and jail time.

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