What to Know if you are on Probation in Florida?

What to Know if you are on Probation in Florida?

On probation in Florida? Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know…

When convicted of a crime, you may be ordered to be put on probation by the presiding judge. Less severe than imprisonment, probation is sometimes granted to first-time offenders, for lower level crimes, or when a savvy defense lawyer intervenes and makes a successful argument in the defendant’s favor.

Although certainly better than jail or prison, there are several terms and conditions that must be upheld under Florida statutes. Although the terms specific to any probation case vary, the following are Florida’s standard conditions of probation. Failure to follow these may result in imprisonment and additional fines or penalties.

  1. Regular reporting to the designated probation officer as directed by the court
  2. Visits by the probation officer to the defendant’s home and place of employment
  3. Must obtain gainful employment in a suitable job
  4. Must remain within a designated geographical area (usually a county or state)
  5. Must not break any laws
  6. Must make restitution to any party harmed by the crime
  7. Required to support one’s dependents (i.e. child support)
  8. Willingly submit to random alcohol and/or drug tests
  9. Must not be in possession of any firearms
  10. Must not use any type of controlled substances unless prescribed by their physician

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