What you should do if questioned by the police?

What you should do if questioned by the police?

Getting questioned by law enforcement can be a stressful experience. Even if you’re innocent you could find yourself being interrogated. But what should you do if questioned by the police?

Do You Have to Answer Questions Asked by Police?

No. And you probably shouldn’t. You have a right in the United States to remain silent. This includes being questioned on the street, while being detained, or even after arrest. You cannot be punished for asserting your right to remain silent.

Should I talk to a defense attorney before answering questions from the police?

YES. You have a constitutional right to ask for legal representation prior to answering any questions. You should always assert this right. Once you ask for an attorney, police are generally required to stop the interrogation until your lawyer shows up.

Be Respectful, But Blunt, and Never Say More Than You Need to

Remember, anything you say can, and often is, used against you. Police officers are trained to get you to talk, trip up, misspeak, or even accidentally disclose information that could be used to arrest or charge you with a crime.

Be calm, courteous, and professional, never aggressive or argumentative. You’ll get your chance to clear things up, but right now isn’t it. Let your attorney handle the arguing.

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